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Welcome to my home page! Have fun! If you have any comment to make or if you wish to send me a greeting, please do not hesitate to send e-mail to

This page was last modified in September, 2010 (but the overall design is still several years out of date).

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About Myself

Let me introduce myself. My name is Brian. I was born in the city of Berkeley, California, in the early seventies. I lived in the San Diego area for over a decade in the nineties and first couple years of new millenium. Nowadays I live in Covington, Washington with my family. Contact me if you would like links to family pictures or information about my family.


Until 1996, I was mostly going to school and working in the hospitality industry doing bartending and other crazy jobs. My interest in new computer communication technologies and thinking of ways to make using computers a more sociable activity is what prompted me to register this domain name in 1996. Technology and communication has really changed a lot in the last decade, so it is time to consider the purpose of this domain. If you would like to introduce yourself to me, drop me a line.


I am currently doing some contract work at The Boeing Company. I have also recently been doing some pro bono work with the Taproot Foundation as well as attaining a certificate in Project Management. I am always interesting in learning and investigating great opportunities.

I was previously employed doing web programming and electronic procurement as well as web development and product management. In the past I've also worked doing software testing, bartending, catering, recreation, retail sales, balloon animals, and more crazy jobs. You will find some more about my professional career on Linked In. If you want to see my resume or wish to contact me about an employment or business opportunity, please send me an e-mail.


I graduated from the University of California at San Diego after an extended engagement with the University. I've also taken courses at SDSU and Mesa College, UCSD extension, and Bellevue College.


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